Royal Poinciana Tree, ORIGINAL Acylic & Oil painting by artist Miguel Alfaro
TITLE: Royal Poinciana Tree./ TITULO: Flamboyan. THIS IS AN ORIGINAL ACRYLIC & OIL FINISHED, STRETCHED ON CANVAS, READY TO BE FRAMED, SIZE: 26" x 22", DATE: 2014 / ESTE ES UN ORIGINAL, ACRILICO TERMINADO AL OLEO, SOBRE LIENZO ESTIRADO Y MONTADO, LISTO PARA SER ENMARCADO, Y MIDE 26" x 22", CON FECHA 2014. Sobre el DERECHO DE AUTOR: Otro pintor puede ser demandado si COPIA una pintura y ESTILO PROPIO de otro Autor! Lo unico que yo tendria que demostrar es que la publique' PRIMERO que usted, en fineartamerica por ejemplo, y si la esta' vendiendo en eBay (o un sitio publico) la demanda podria ser MAS GRANDE, porque ya seria por PLAGIO! / About artist Copy Rights: Another artist-painter could be sued if he/she makes a COPY of a painting or other Author OWN STYLE! All I would have to prove is that I published FIRST, at Fineartamerica for example, and if you are selling it on eBay (or any other public place) the demand could be more serious, by PLAGIARISM! Check my Biography in here: Clientes de Miami: llamen al 786-548-7932 para ENVIO GRATIS Y SIN IMPUESTOS! Llamadas serias solamente: tenemos identificador de llamadas. Visiting Miami? Call 786-548-7932 for FREE DELIVERY AND ZERO TAXES! Certificate of Authenticity will be sent via regular Mail by request ONLY. If you already received the Certificate of Authenticity, you must return it with the painting. I don't do refunds on damaged merchandise due to fire, flood or any other disaster, but if a disgrace happens to you, I will offer you an unbeatable price on Restoration. I have sold paintings all over the World and I do Worldwide delivery. If you would like to purchase an insurance, please contact me before to add the insurance price to the shipping price. I do have satisfied clients from Paris to Boston, and even though my prices are low, that got nothing to do with the real artistic value of the painting. Sorry, you must pay for shipping. You have 14 days to return the painting in the same condition it was received (shown in pictures). I will not deliver to addresses with P.O. Box. Thank you very much! / Muchas gracias! Miguel Alfaro, artist, curator, Art restorer & Reseller. Facebook Page: Alfaro & Toledo Art Gallery