EMF Protection Shungite 925 Silver Lotus Charm Bracelet  |  Stress Relief |  Gift  |  Electronic Pollution  |  Cell Phone  |  Computer
~~ All Natural Stones ~~ Commonly Believed Holistic Properties Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) Protection - Stress Relief EMF (computers, cell phones, radio, microwave) Radiation Frequencies are everywhere in our modern life. We are constantly being bombarded by these organic disrupting energies. This bracelet is designed to shield the wearer and bring some stress relief. Sodalite: Large Freeform Stone - Calming, Stress, emotions, healing Shungite: 8mm, 6mm Round - EMF, Stress, healing Handcrafted by a Certified Reiki Practitioner. Black Lava- 4mm - Grounding, calming, stability 925 Sterling Silver- 100% silver- spacers and Flower Lotus Charm Elastic Band- As shown, or Magnetic Clasp- Available variant - Neodymium (Q51- rare earth) Strong magnet (self-aligning). Each bracelet will be made in the Reiki tradition: salt cleansing, Earth grounding, and meditation charging. Caution: Persons with a medical concern, i.e. pacemaker, should not wear magnetic jewelry. Consult your medical professional. Variant: Bracelet is also available with Magnet Clasp (+$5.00) Your new custom handmade bracelet will arrive in a velvety Red and Gold pouch, along with a description of the Metaphysical properties of the stones. (Ready for gift giving!) Bracelet is shown with matching earrings (sold separately). Silver and copper are the preferred metals for the flow of holistic energy. Handmade with Love and Thoughtful Purpose.