Lover's Passion 'I love You' Bracelet |  For in Love  |  Affection  |  Couples  |  Girl friend  |  Gift  |  Heart
~~ All Natural Crystals ~~ Commonly Believed Holistic Properties: When you feel you need a little more love, warmth, understanding... Need to reset, re-ignite, and heal your heart? Prepare for a new relationship? This bracelet was designed to help clear-out and align your energies. Clear Quartz- Large Freeform Clear Quartz - Increased energy levels, thought processes, dispel feelings of negativity Amethyst- supports emotions, soothes, boosts hormones Citrine - Irregular Form - Warm, comforting, energizing. Enhances physical stamina and energy. Rose Quartz- Enhances feminine energy, most important crystal of the heart 925 Sterling Silver- spacers Magnetic Clasp- Strong Neodymium (Q51 - rare earth) self-aligning magnet Created and Handmade by a Certified Reiki Practitioner. Your custom bracelet will be Cleansed, Grounded, and Reiki charged. Your new beautiful custom handmade bracelet will arrive in a velvety Red and Gold pouch, along with a description of the Metaphysical properties of the stones. (Ready for gift giving!) Silver and copper are the preferred metals for the flow of holistic energy. ´╗┐Caution: ´╗┐Persons with medical conditions, i.e. pacemaker, should not wear magnetic jewelry. Consult with your medical professional. Shown with matching earrings (sold separately). Handmade with Love and Thoughtful Purpose.