Holistic Pregnancy Birth Bracelet  |  Ease of Labor  |  Normal Delivery  |  Strong  Baby  |  Healing  |  925 Silver Lotus Charm
The moment you have been dreaming about has arrived! Grab your 'hospital go' bag - and make sure this bracelet is with you. Designed for this special moment- and for immediately after you meet that new special someone in your life... Commonly Believed Holistic Properties _____________________________ Rose Quartz- (Center) - Helps to heal your body after the birth Red Jasper- 6mm - Deliver strong fetus. Gives strength to the baby as it is born. Speeds labor. Unakite- 6mm - Normalize blood pressure, ease labor Peridot- 4mm - Stimulates contractions, opens birth canal Malachite- 6mm- Midwife's Stone. Helps with normal delivery of healthy baby. Stimulation of the birth process. African Blood Stone- 6mm - Assists baby to transit the birth canal with minimal trauma Black Onyx- 6mm - Protect mother and establish protection for baby. Promotes the emotional balance between mother and baby. 925 Sterling Silver- 100% Silver - Including Lotus Flower Charm Lotus Charm- ´╗┐Symbolizes growth, love, and birth. Symbol of fertility. Your new bracelet will arrive in a velvet Red and Gold Pouch. Keep on hand for your special day. As your due date draws near, open and hold the stones in your hand and introduce yourself. Mentally introduce yourself to your stones and say to them, 'I would like your energy to help with the birth of my child.' Put back in pouch. When contraction start- put on. Silver and copper are the preferred metals for the uninterrupted flow of holistic energy. Bracelet is shown with matching earrings (sold separately). Made with Love and Thoughtful Purpose.