Ladies Bracelet  Hormone Balance and Relief Symptoms:  Anxiety |  Mood | Depression | Menopause  |  Hot Flashes  |  Insomnia |  Night Sweats
This holistic bracelet is designed to help balance hormones which take you on that unwelcome, turbulent ride. The correct stones are gathered in one bracelet to instill calm, battle the night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, irritation, anxiety, and depression. The stones which I selected for this bracelet are more exotic, more specialized, and more targeted to the needs of women during this difficult transition period. Your new bracelet will be made from ~ Natural ~ Stones from around the world. Each chosen for their unique properties and to harmonize together. Botswana Agate: Calms emotions by balancing hormones and eases stress and anxiety Citrine: balances hormones and emotional levels, cools and soothes your body. Helps with hot flashes. Balances the forces of Yin/Yang. Lepidolite: reduces stress and low moods. Overcomes insomnia, eases night sweats. Moonstone: Stone of the Feminine Power and new beginnings. Supports your move into next phase. Balances hormonal and menstrual cycles. Rose Quartz: Emotional healer. Increases sensitivity, empathy, and helps with sexual difficulties. Shungite: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial. Reduces stress and pain. Increases energy. Carnelian: Boosts energy and provides relief from depression. Stimulates metabolism. Black Lava: Provides strength and courage, allowing stability through times of change. Calming stone. Banded Onyx: Helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. Protection from negative energy. Smoky Quartz: Used to absorb and transmute the hot flash energy which will help to cool the body. Hematite: Relieve stress, headaches, cramps. Helps to regulate blood pressure. The energy of Hematite has a crisp and cooling energy. Lapis Lazuli: Stabilizes confidence. Releases stress, bringing deep peace. Brings harmony. Garnet: Fires up the inner Goddess to help retain your femininity. Provides a protective influence and a calming stable vitality during use. Stimulates circulation and metabolism energy and regeneration. Your new custom bracelet will be handmade by a Certified Reiki Practitioner. It will be Cleansed, Earth Grounded, and Meditation charged in accordance with time-honored ancient traditions. It will arrive in a velvety Red and Gold Pouch, along with a description of the metaphysical properties of the stones. Instructions will be provided to keep and replenish the holistic energy. Made with Love and Thoughtful Purpose.