Hot Temper - Depression - Insomnia II Bracelet  |  Support  |  Anger  |  Sleep  |  Mood
Pent up stress, anger? Quick Temper? Mood crashes? Can't get a restful night's sleep? This holistic bracelet is designed to balance those emotions, cool aggression, displace depression, release anxiety. Works to relieve tension, pressure, headache. Helps to combat the restless mind, dispel the nightmares, imbuing the mind to restful sleep. Dissipate negative energy and provide protection against return. All Natural Stones. This bracelet contains Shungite. Shungite provides powerful protection from EMF signals (cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, etc.) which are damaging to our bodies. It is, among other properties, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial. Provides protection against negative energies. The Shungite we use is genuine- sourced from the Petrovsky deposit in Russia. ´╗┐Description´╗┐: Large Hematite, Maifanite, Shungite, Hematite, Blue Agate, Sodalite, Unakite, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Banded Onyx (Evil Eye), Black Lava, Amethyst. Your new , custom handmade bracelet will be prepared by a Certified Reiki Practitioner. It will be Cleansed, Earth Grounded, and Meditation Charged. This beautiful bracelet will arrive in a velvety Red and Gold pouch, along with a description of the Metaphysical properties of the stones. (Ready for gift giving!) Available with a Magnetic Clasp - a STRONG, Neodymium (Q51- rare earth), Self-Aligning clasp. (+$5.00) Caution: Persons with a medical condition, e.g. pacemaker, should not wear strong magnetic jewelry. Small wrist sizes may have to omit some crystals to accommodate. Larger wrist sizes will add crystals. This customization is available at no extra charge. Don't know your size? Just measure around where you want to wear the bracelet on you wrist. Yes, there is a difference between left and right hands. (Use a string or strip of paper.) Don't make it snug, just normal comfortable. Your size not listed? MESSAGE US. no Worries. We want you to be THRILLED with your new bracelet. Made with Love and Thoughtful Purpose.