Pregnancy 2nd + 3rd Trimester Holistic Bracelet  |  Mood Swings  |  Health Support |  Increase Happiness  |  Morning Sickness
All Natural Stones. Commonly Believed Holistic Properties: Very important period for your pregnancy. Body utilization of vitamins and nutrients is critical. Psychological changes are happening, as well. This bracelet is specifically designed to support those mood swings, release anger, increase happiness, and assist with stomach issues. To prepare for the your special upcoming day and transition to the labor stage at the appropriate time. Dream Amethyst- 10mm - Ease nausea, soothe cramps, stress release Rose Quartz- 8mm - Makes healthy pregnancy, trust, bonding mother and baby Amethyst- 8mm - Release fear, calms, soothes tension Lapis Lazuli- 6mm - Provides a reassuring energy to boost mother's confidence and emotional stability Citrine- 4mm - Release anger, Assists with gas, constipation, spasms Nephrite Jade- 6mm - Assists Kidneys, powerful cleansing health stone Unakite- 6mm - Prepares and helps mother to transition to the labor stage at the correct time Red Jasper- 6mm - Should always be worn throughout full pregnancy. Helps to ensure strong fetus and ease of labor. 925 Sterling Silver- 100% Silver - Including Lotus Flower Charm Lotus Charm- Symbolizes growth, love, and birth. Symbol of fertility. Elastic Band Your new bracelet will arrive in a special Red and Gold Pouch. Your bracelet will be ready to unite with your energies. It will be Cleansed, Earth Grounded, and Meditation Charged by a Certified Reiki Practitioner. Silver and Copper are the preferred metals for the uninterrupted flow of holistic energy. Shown with the matching earrings (sold separately). Made with Love and Thoughtful Purpose