Boys Hyperactive Bracelet |  Holistic  |  Physical Emotional Support  |  Calm  |  Focus  |  Protection  |  Balance
Children with hyperactivity generally have greater problems paying attention or concentrating. They can't seem to follow directions and are easily bored or frustrated with tasks. They also tend to move constantly and are impulsive, not stopping to think before they act. They also may struggle with low self-esteem, troubled relationships and poor performance in school. All Natural Stones. Commonly Believed Holistic Properties _____________________________ Lapis Lazuli- 6mm (Center), 4mm - quickly releases stress, allowing for peace and serenity Amber- 4mm - Protective stone for children, helps with struggles Black Onyx- 4mm - Support during stress and confusion Amethyst- 4mm - calms and soothes Rose Quartz- 4mm - Relieves tension, stress and provides comfort Clear Quartz- 4mm - Amplifies other healing crystals Black Lava- 4mm - Strength, courage, stability 925 Sterling Silver - spacers Elastic Band Handcrafted by a Certified Reiki Practitioner. Each bracelet will be made in the Reiki tradition: salt cleansing, Earth grounding, and meditation charging. Silver and copper are the preferred metals for the flow of holistic energy. Handmade with Love and Thoughtful Purpose.