Mens Overworked - Overstressed - Overwhelmed Holistic Bracelet  |  Anxiety  |  Stress  |  Temper  |  Insomnia  |  Tension
Overworked? Overstressed? Overwhelmed? Sometimes the world just seems to gang-up on us. It is easy to become untethered in our chronic stress and do not realize how much it is affecting us. Sour moods, short temper, snappy with co-workers and spouses, poor sleep and insomnia. Those headaches and pains which seem constant. This powerful bracelet is designed to target these issues. All Natural Stones. Elastic Band for Comfort. Commonly Believed Holistic Properties: Sodalite- Sodalite gemstones encourage a calm mental state. Reduce anxiety and tension from excess stress. Encourages emotional balance and reduce panic attacks to facilitate inner peace. Balances rampant emotions. This is a perfect stone for calming and releasing anger and frustration. Use this stone to help quell emotional outbursts. Hematite- Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry. The energy of hematite, with its crisp and cooling quality, can also help with stronger focus, clarity, and concentration. It is said to be effective in healing pain because it maintains the charge of nerve cells. Effective against headaches. Shungite- Effective to restore lost energy. Powerful protective stone - shields the wearer from negative energies of all kinds, including psychic protection. Normalizes sleep. Amethyst- Relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Amethyst brings those who are overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed back to center. It eases the mental anxieties that lead to physical tension and headaches and calms those who tend to be hot-headed and easily angered. Lapis Lazuli- Helps to resolve anxiety and deal with stress caused by overload and overwhelmed at work. Releases stress, bringing deep peace. Lapis Lazuli relieves general pain, inflammations, and is especially effective against migraine headaches. Fights insomnia. Your new bracelet will be handmade by a Certified Reiki Practitioner. It will be Cleansed, Earth Grounded, and Meditation charged according to time-honored tradition. Included will be a description of the Metaphysical properties of the stones, along with instruction for care and recharging the crystals. Your fabulous new bracelet will arrive in a jeweler's style Red and Gold pouch, on presentation card, and plastic wrapped. (Ready for gift giving) Please measure where you want to wear the bracelet. Then add 1/4 to 1/2 inch for comfort. Order this number. We want you to be THRILLED with your new jewelry. Made with Love and Thoughtful Purpose.