Pregnancy Set -  (4) Bracelets:   1st, 2nd + 3rd Trimester,  Labor and Delivery, Post Partum / New Mom
You just received the joyful news! Now get your pregnancy Holistic bracelets. Makes a fabulous Gift for the expectant mom. All Natural Stones and Crystals. 925 Silver. This set incudes: 1st Trimester bracelet- far left (Pink/Aqua) 2nd + 3rd Trimester Bracelet- second from left (Pink/Purple) Labor and Delivery Bracelet- second from right (Pink/red) Post Partum- New Mom - New baby bracelet- far right (Pink/green/yellow) Each bracelet will be handmade by a Certified Reiki Practitioner. Each will be Cleansed, Earth Grounded, and Meditation Charged. Instructions will be provided for care and charging. These stunning bracelets will arrive in a Jeweler's Presentation- Red and Gold velvety pouch, presentation card, plastic enclosed. Along with a description of the Metaphysical properties of the stones. Measure where you want to wear the bracelet. Add 1/4 to 1/2 inch for comfort. Order this number. We want you to be THRILLED with your new bracelets. Commonly believed holistic properties: 1st Trimester Bracelet- Specifically designed to be worn from conception to the end of the First Trimester. Eases nausea, vomiting, cramps. Relieves anxiety, calms the mood swings. Prevent miscarriage. Protection. Rose Quartz- (Center) - Unconditional Love, Healing, Tenderness, Bonding to Unborn Child Amazonite- 8mm - Easing morning sickness, soothing cramps Aquamarine- 8mm- Relieve headache, fatigue. Prevent miscarriage. Amethyst- 6mm- Relieve anxiety, Calm mood swings Amber- 6mm - Amber is a protective stone for children. Red Jasper- 4mm - Growing strong fetus. Carnelian- 4mm- Increases nutrients to the womb, helps with morning sickness. Black Onyx- 4mm- Emotional and Physical Balancing, Protection 925 Sterling Silver- 100% Silver - Including Lotus Flower Charm Lotus Charm- Symbolizes growth, love, and birth. Symbol of fertility. Elastic Band 2nd + 3rd Trimester Bracelet- Very important period for your pregnancy. Body utilization of vitamins and nutrients is critical. Psychological changes are happening, as well. This bracelet is specifically designed to support those mood swings, release anger, increase happiness, and assist with stomach issues. To prepare for the your special upcoming day and transition to the labor stage at the appropriate time. Dream Amethyst- 10mm - Ease nausea, soothe cramps, stress release Rose Quartz- 8mm - Makes healthy pregnancy, trust, bonding mother and baby Amethyst- 8mm - Release fear, calms, soothes tension Lapis Lazuli- 6mm - Provides a reassuring energy to boost mother's confidence and emotional stability Citrine- 4mm - Release anger, Assists with gas, constipation, spasms Nephrite Jade- 6mm - Assists Kidneys, powerful cleansing health stone Unakite- 6mm - Prepares and helps mother to transition to the labor stage at the correct time Red Jasper- 6mm - Should always be worn throughout full pregnancy. Helps to ensure strong fetus and ease of labor. 925 Sterling Silver- 100% Silver - Including Lotus Flower Charm Lotus Charm- Symbolizes growth, love, and birth. Symbol of fertility. Elastic Band Labor and Delivery Bracelet- The moment you have been dreaming about has arrived! Grab your 'hospital go' bag - and make sure this bracelet is with you. Designed for this special moment- and for immediately after you meet that new special someone in your life... Rose Quartz- (Center) - Helps to heal your body after the birth Red Jasper- 6mm - Deliver strong fetus. Gives strength to the baby as it is born. Speeds labor. Unakite- 6mm - Normalize blood pressure, ease labor Peridot- 4mm - Stimulates contractions, opens birth canal Malachite- 6mm- Midwife's Stone. Helps with normal delivery of healthy baby. Stimulation of the birth process. African Blood Stone- 6mm - Assists baby to transit the birth canal with minimal trauma Black Onyx- 6mm - Protect mother and establish protection for baby. Promotes the emotional balance between mother and baby. 925 Sterling Silver- 100% Silver - Including Lotus Flower Charm Lotus Charm- ´╗┐Symbolizes growth, love, and birth. Symbol of fertility. Keep on hand for your special day. As your due date draws near, open and hold the stones in your hand and introduce yourself. Mentally introduce yourself to your stones and say to them, 'I would like your energy to help with the birth of my child.' Put back in pouch. When contractions start- put on. Post Partum - New Mom - New Baby Bracelet- Your new little one is now at home with mom... All the hormonal changes, the mood swings, the insomnia, the highs, the lows, the sweet, the tears... …and those wonderful calm moments of perfection in your arms. This bracelet is designed for all those new moms (and moms again!). Many changes are happening. Mom naturally wants to extend her auric energies to her newborn. This places stress on mom and requires replenishment and additional support. Commonly believed properties: Rose Quartz- heals mother after the birth, eases stress, helps bonding, trust, love Nephrite Jade- Powerful stone. Cultivates warmth and feelings of motherhood. Eases breast pain, aids lactation Citrine- Rebalance hormonal levels, aids caring perspective for mom and baby. Black Tourmaline- Works to shield mother and baby from psychic danger and ill wishes. Helps with pleasant dreams. Amethyst- Relieves anxiety, Calms mood swings, protection from Evil Eye Labradorite- Clears worries and fears which disrupt sleep of mom and baby Blue Lace Agate- Promotes inner stability, composure, self-confidence. Helps to avoid postpartum depression. Encourages lactation. Moonstone- Personifies woman's connection with the Goddess and the Moon. Helps to re-establish menstrual cycles. White Agate- Protection. Eases pain. Increases lactation, and helps the flow of milk. Aids to combat insomnia for mother. Amber- Strengthens cellular regeneration, boosts immune system, reduces pain Made with Love and Thoughtful Purpose