Eco friendy loofah, Facecloth, Face scrubbie
Listing is for one multi purpose loofah / washcloth/ facecloth crocheted from 100 % cotton that I "spun" myself with yarn made from excellent quality fabric that would have otherwise been discarded. Also makes a great dishcloth or dishtowel. Pre washed and machine washable. A great little eco minded giftie for yourself or someone special. The fibers are soft yet scrubby, making it an awesome natural exfoliant for either your face or entire body. It has a cute little hook so that you can hang it up in the shower or wherever else you choose... Machine washable ~ gentle cycle, cold water, allow to air dry. Measures approximatley 5 & 1/2 inches wide by 6 inches long. Ready to ship. *Tea tree body wash not included. It's mine and I really like it. Sorry.