Long infinity scarf, Women's scarf, Crocheted from recycled fibers, Multicolored, Sustainable accessories, Soft and snuggly, OOAK
A colorful, creative handmade infinity scarf crocheted entirely from recycled materials. Incredibly snuggly and unique. I designed this scarf using a free-form technique ~ I never follow patterns. Rather, I add the recycled fibers as I go and allow the piece to "paint" itself. The yarns used in this scarf are all recycled fibers that I made by deconstructing a combination of sweaters and t shirts by hand. I used several strands of yarn held together with a crazily large crochet hook to result in a super chunky, super warm piece of wearable art. MEASUREMENTS : laid flat and unlooped, scarf measures approximately 29"(2 feet, 5 inches) and approximately 5" wide. CARE INSTRUCTIONS : hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent, gently squeeze excess water and lay flat to dry. Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for supporting handmade and eco friendly