Clear Quartz Black Feather Pendulum
This clear quartz pendulum has a black feather I found on the beach earlier this summer. It also has howlite, clear quartz and cyan blue beads on the top where the feather attaches to the pendulum near the silver bead charm. I do energy work on all of my pendulums based on the preferences of all guides attached to each pendulum. This pendulum loves lavender, amber, chamomile, sage, and vanilla scents. All of my pendulums will include a printable ABC board to help all of my customers get more precise answers from their guides. If you would like, I can also send a complimentary incense stick based on the preferences of each pendulum I sell. Are you struggling with finding your soul mission in life? Do you feel lost and wondering which direction you should take with your career, finances, relationships, or even in making every day decisions? Do you feel as though you're stuck in a rut and want a change of pace and direction in life for the better? Are you seeing repeating signs in your life and are not sure what they all mean? Have you been wondering about something you have experienced yet have never been able to get answers about? Pendulums are a divination tool that help people get more in touch with their guides and higher selves. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) * Why do your pendulums come in a little longer than other pendulums I've seen online and in stores? Longer chains give positive guides more time in seeing whether a dishonest, negative entity is attempting to misguide you. Good guides will admit if they do not know something, and will call another one of your guides who is able to give a better answer. * Your pendulums all come with a feather(s). Won't this interfere with the flow of energy and make the pendulum swing slower? Feathers are used on my pendulums as an offering to air elementals, and therefore serve as a deterrent for negative entities. * I noticed your pendulums all swing in a certain orientation. Can I program my new pendulum to swing the way I want it to? All good guides attend what are called seers meetings, where they discuss things rules on how to properly interact with guidees. Pendulums that swing differently from the following orientations listed below are corrupt and/or have a negative entity attached to them. Cleansing and reprograming the pendulum(s) in question will be required to make all negative entities steer clear. -- Side to side = yes -- Back and forth (towards and awayfrom you) = no -- Counter clockwise= maybe or more information * How do I properly cleanse my pendulum's energy? There are a number of ways one can cleanse their pendulum's energies, namely exposure to at least one element. - Fire: It's commonplace to use incense or burning sage to "smudge" pendulums as exposure to the fire element for example. Different guides attached to different pendulums actually have preferences for scents, so do ask before you start burning. If you don't have incense or prefer to use candles instead, you can do so but do ask about any scents beforehand. - Water: Depending on the stone used for the pendulum, you can also put your stone in water or use the said hot cold method (going back and forth between hot and cold water 3x for a few seconds each). Take great care with water, as not all stones are able to withstand water and may even ruin the stone! Selenite, celestite, sodalite, fluorite, jade, tangerine quartz, etc. are some stones that should not go in water. - Earth: Laying your pendulum in a bed of sea salt for a few hours or even overnight is a good method that's often used for cleansing crystals. - Air: Exposing your stone to the outdoors while on a walk or something is a great opportunity to bond with your stone while reconnecting with nature. - Light: Letting stones sit in either sunshine or moonlight is said to be useful in letting stones "recharge". Take care in bringing stones outdoors if they are lower on the Mohs scale (softer stones) or if they're not good with water exposure should it rain. * What are some guidelines guides must follow? - All guides must introduce themselves when answering a question. You can ask every guide something they know about you and therefore you can come up with a code only you and them know. This is to help prevent imposters from giving you bad guidance while you're under the guise it was them and not someone else. - Good guides will never leave you feeling uncomfortable. If you're not comfortable doing something, answering a question, or simply want to talk to another guide, they will leave and let someone else come talk to you. - Positive guides will be honest and admit if they do not know something. They will ask another one of your guides to come answer who can point you in the right direction. - Good guides abide by proper pendulum swing orientations. It's always a good idea to recheck your pendulum's swing orientations every so often and cleanse them accordingly