Air Plant - hanging planter, Air plant holder, house plants, plant gift
Welcome to Air Plants Among Us You are ordering a set of 5 "Sea Critters" Hanging Shell Air Plant Holders with Live Healthy Air Plants. Air plants are easy to care for and I offer a 60 day health guarantee. Just spritz lightly 2-3x weekly in dry climates or 1-2x weekly in a moist climate. Air plants get their Nutrients from their leaves. They love filtered sun light and the more light they get, the more brilliant the colors of the leaves. They also flower! Shells are 100% Natural and Sanitized. Shells hang by a handmade hook for stability of the shell and dangles by a clear line to create the illusion of Swimming. Awesome Gift for the Plant Lover in your life. Keep out of the reach of children Choking Hazard Colors will Vary as these are Natural Sanitized Shells