ABOUT ME: My Southern roots spread throughout the gulf coastal states. I grew up in a world of nostalgia where I learned to cherish, admire, and hang on to old things that were from the past. The old meant more to me than anything new. After Hurricane Katrina, my home New Orleans was in jeopardy of loosing her identity and old world charm. I started to take notice of things that I hadn't once seen. I saw the opportunity to craft pieces from old antebellum and Victorian homes destroyed by the storm. Each piece I create has its own identity and individual story. The doors I use may have chips, dings, scrapes, key holes, bits of paint, and nail heads. I embrace these distressed rustic markings and see them as an artistic beauty. However, all rust and lead paint is sealed with at least 3-4 coats of semi-gloss polyurethane. If you share the same thoughts as I do, feel free to contact me about a custom piece of your own. SHIPPING: All items are packaged and shipped in wooden and cardboard crates through UPS or Fedex. All customers will receive a paypal shipping invoice before the item ships. Once the invoice is paid, the item will then ship. If an item should be damaged during shipping, do not throw away the original packaging until contacting me first. Shipping items to other parts of the country can alter the piece over time due to the different climates. Please be aware that shipping to arid, hot, colder, or tropical climates can cause this old wood to dry out and crack over time. All wood and materials are properly dried, well sealed, and waxed before shipping. This helps to preserve the piece from drying out, however over time it is subject to change depending on the climate conditions. REFUNDS & EXCHANGES: No refunds on any online or custom orders. All custom orders are made exactly to the client's preferences. I work very closely with my clients to figure out exactly what they like. I often send photographs, samples, and chat on the phone to figure out exactly the look they're wanting. No two pieces are alike, and each is designed with you in mind. While building different orders, I will work directly with you before, during, and after the piece as arrived.

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