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My Name is Alex I\'m a South Louisiana native from a family whose roots stretch throughout the Gulf Coast. I now live in New Orleans, a city like none other. Since Hurricane Katrina, I have grown to appreciate more than ever its history, charm and beauty. Happily, I can share my passion for this place in the form of my furniture, made of salvaged and recycled wood from New Orleans and the region. My goal and mission: create uniquely designed, one-of-a-kind pieces fashioned from old cypress and pine wood doors that once graced homes in some of the city\'s oldest neighborhoods. I hand pick each and every door I use. A majority of them experienced some sort of water or other damage from Katrina. I clean, strip, sand a re-buff the wood. I stain them a natural color which brings out their scarring and antiqued finish. I then find pieces of decorated tin, patterned metal used to decorate local ceilings in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. I carefully cut, size and place them within the panels of the restored doors. I have a variety of different tins and patterns to choose from. If you don\'t see a pattern here you like, message me. I can send you pictures of the tin I have, and you can make your own selection. The end result are beautifully reclaimed wooden headboards, tables and other pieces that carry the scars of their existence, but also the beauty and story from another time. Please don\'t hesitate to contact me about how you can order and enjoy your own customized reclaimed headboard or other work.
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