The Sam | handmade curved wire glass bead earrings, frosted sea glass beads, fire-polished Czech glass, 20 gauge wire, Gifts for Her
These beautiful and simple earrings are perfect when you want to add just a small pop of color to your look. Very minimalist in style and look great on. All earrings shown are made with 20 gauge wire. They are handcrafted with either stainless steel (silver) or tarnish-resistant gold/rose gold wire. Each one is made with fire-polished Czech glass beads or frosted sea glass. ***Note: For the purple bead earrings only, the color of these beads shift to a bluish shade under evening and darker lights. In bright and daytime lighting, they are the lilac purple shade seen in the photos. The earrings measure approximately 60 mm in length and come in a variety of different bead colors and wire options! Click the link below for additional Sam earring colors: To view all of the ready-to-wear earrings available in our shop, click here: