Shades of  yellow beaded bookmark
I have made millions of bookmarks in my life but these are by far the best. All of my bookmarks are made with beading wire and high quality beads. The beading wire is slim and smooth and allows the bookmark to fit securely into the pages of your book. The beading on the ends anchor the bookmark into your book so that it's almost impossible for you to lose your place in the book, unless you are literally throwing your book across the room. All of the beads are high quality and add some dazzle to your book whether you are reading it or it's waiting for you on your nightstand. Every book mark has a length of at least 10 inches between the beading at the ends. This length will accommodate most hardback books unless it is larger like a textbook. If you have a larger book that you would like a bookmark for I will gladly accommodate your request. I have been making these for years and have never had one break.