ZedVers Handbags: Multi-Piece Sets with Interchangeable Parts-Patents Pending
ZedVers is an Limited Edition Elegant Handbag Interconnecting Set System of Nine Pieces. The Main Tote Bag Conveniently Separates into Stand Alone Purses to Adapt to Your Needs by the Hour. Accessories Can Detach from the Main Bag to create Three (or Four if you attach the Wristlet to the Clutch Bag) Separate Stand Alone Purses. A lovely round bow-zipped evening bag is included to use with either shoulder strap...Five Handbags, plus a Credit Card Holder, Plus a Cosmetic Bag with a Detachable Wristlet Claw Hook, plus Two Shoulder Straps. Get a limited edition ZedVers now while you can - universal connectivity, unlimited possibilities!