Natural Sachets for Dryer Clothes Drawers Closets Camping Pillow Sheets Upcycled from tShirt Material SET of THREE
Chemical free laundry dryer pillows. Use in place of chemically treated dryer sheets. The fabric patch labels are also hand printed at home and heat set, then stitched together on my 1951 vintage sewing machine. These repurposed T shirts have found a wonderful new and useful life to add a touch of perfumed luxury to yours. Put one under your pillow, inside drawers, shoes, hang them in your wardrobe or add one to your washing machine's drying cycle or the tumble dryer. Enjoy! My recycled, eco friendly scented pillows were featured in a variety of magazines such as: Green Craft Everyday with Rachel Ray Body & Soul (Martha Stewart Whole Living) Pregnancy & Newborn Green Living Custom orders for all of my up-cycled, Eco friendly textile home ware products are gladly accepted! What you receive in this listing will be: One humankind (be both) and Two (2) Basic Dryer sheet pillow sachets Cello wrapped with a tag insert They make great gifts, party favors and corporate giveaways. If you have a color preference, request at checkout. I tend to keep your order in the color areas of the listing purchased unless otherwise requested. "Waste Not, Want Not" -Reusable set of three (mixed colors) “If we don’t waste what we have, we’ll still have it in the future and will not lack (want) it.” Made with recycled t-shirt sleeves, pieces and parts! Upcycled, no new tShirts were harmed to make this item. More Info: fragrant organic lavender buds inside double secured (see last pic, separate sewn pouch inside) – no buds sneaking their way out, no way, no how! Pillows are "reusable" not "refillable" Keep in a covered container to last 4-6-9 mos. - Renew them with scrunch/crunch of pillow eco-friendly pose as a quick sachet for camping, closets, car freshener, drawers and more. . . made with 100% upcycled tshirt material Size 4” x 4” each