Meteorite earrings Sterling silver studs.
Gibeon meteorite is one of the oldest substances on the planet, and becomes more and more rare daily. Hurled through fiery atmosphere and crash landing into the earth, this beautiful meteorite survived. Gibeon is pretty, and tough; just like you. The silvery color is a utilitarian in any wardrobe, and adds a very interesting flare. The nickel iron crystalline structure adds a touch of sophistication and mystery. The posts and scroll backs are sterling silver. Dimensions are aprox 20 mm by 15mm by 3 mm thick. Posts are 12mm long Care and cleaning : Gibeon is a space mineral, and is mainly iron. Gibeon is pretty hearty, but she doesnt like to swim! There is no water in space, and gibeon will rust if exposed to too much moisture. So keep her dry! If she starts to loose her luster you may clean meteorite with 90% isopropyl alcohol, and shine her with a quality gun metal oil. Authenticity: Authenticating meteorites is fairly simply. Meteorites are of a mostly nickel and iron composition in a crystalline structure. When cut and polished intersecting lines referred to as "Widmanstatten" patterns emerge. They are impossible to fake, and are easily identified by even non experts, such as myself.