Newborn Gift. Summer Baby Booties. Ages 3-9 Month. Hand Knitted.100 % Bamboo yarn.
Baby Booties for Spring-Summer Seasons. Bamboo is a pure natural raw material that wears well and is a natural antibacterial product. These yarns are very popular for warm weather wear because they are more absorbent than cotton, therefore making them great for sweat-inducing activities. They also have some UV-blocking properties making them a good choice for activities in the sun. Hypoallergenic & UV Protection. Bamboo apparel is hypoallergenic, pleasant alternative for anyone with skin sensitivities or other allergies and dermatitis. Bamboo apparel also protects you from UV rays, naturally. Fits infants 3-9 months Measurements Heel to toe: 4 inches FYI: Kids Socks: ----- Infants - Age 0 - 3 months / Shoe Size 0 - 3 / Foot Length 7-9 cm (3.5" - 4") Age 3 - 6 months / Shoe Size 3 - 4 / Foot Length 9 -11 cm (4" - 4.5") Age 6 - 9 months / Shoe Size 4 - 5 / Foot Length 12 - 14 cm (4.5" - 5.5") ----- Take Care of me: Gently HAND WASH in warm water with mild soap or wool detergent. DO NOT USE BLEACH. Squeeze out excess water DO NOT WRING OR TWIST ME! Place on a towel, roll up and gently squeeze out any excess water. Unwrap from towel and lay me flat on a towel to dry. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER. What could be better than a pair of super soft, hand knitted from 100% bamboo yarn socks for the baby. Want a custom pair? Convo me for details