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Land O Lakes, FL
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WANT A $100 GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR MY SHOP? FAVORITE MY SHOP and the ITEMS that you would like for FREE! I randomly pick a winner the 1st of each month! If I pick you I will email you here on Etsy and you will have 30 days to pick and receive your prize! ABOUT MY SHOP: I am a full time artist. I will do anything artistic for you "other then anything pornographic" CUSTOM! Anything to keep me from getting a real job! LOL. As you can see by the content of my shop I do several types of art and I am always looking to do something new! So please do let me know your ideas for commission work! email me for special orders OctoShroomArt [!at] gmail.com A BIT ABOUT ME: My Name is XZanthia and I live just north of Tampa Florida. I am a Libra age 35 born 9/25/79. I am in a relationship looking to start a family within the next two years, "as soon as i grow up". I am a Photographer, Painter, Sculpture, Actor, Singer, Film Maker and Writer. You can see movies I acted in on Netflix and IMDB. My poetry books are for sale here on my shop! I was in a national band for 12 years and I owned a 10,000SF art gallery in Downtown Denver on art walk 2001-2007. For many years I was a model however I have backed away from that because people would most often recognize me for my looks rather then my talents, was rather discouraging and I felt often degrading. So now I focus 100% on my art! Please like my https://www.facebook.com/XZanthiaArts http://www.TWITTER.com/XZanthiaDOTcom and check out my website www.XZanthia.com ABOUT MY POLYMER CLAY ARTISTIC PROCESS: I normally start off with a glass or metal container of some kind. I often go to the recycling plant up the road from me and pick out interesting shaped glass bottles and jars that I like. Also people donate me glass. I also but Metal or Glass pipes, bongs and flasks as well as frames and such to add my sculptures to, I do each piece by hand one of a kind. No molds, however i do use stamps for words and names for custom pieces. I sometimes add interesting metal or glass decorations for more detail. I buy many interesting things from the scrap yard to incorporate into my art. I also use glass beads, crystals, stones and much more. The painting process differs depending on the style of the piece. Some I airbrush to give a antique look and sponge for less expensive pieces. I do several variations of hand painting for better detail for more expensive pieces, however sometimes i actually use colored clay. Many of my brightly colored "neon" pieces are colored clay that glows in the dark and is black light reactive. Many of the pieces I then coat in a waterproof UV protective coating for extra protection and durability. All my pieces are functional. Thank you for taking the time to read all this! I do appreciate it. :D Have a great day!!!
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