Hi, every thing I make, carve, is done one at a time, not mass produced. The spoons I carve are pretty darn buff and should last a very long time. All the woods I use are safe to use with food. The hair sticks I carve may look delicate, but they are strong and hold hair very well! I don't cut down trees for the purpose of carving things. But I do use the limbs trimmed from trees, mainly from my own yard or family and friends. I have a small amount of exotic hardwoods, passed down to me when my Dad passed away this year. He was a wood turner and carved once in a while, so I guess you might say, that carving wood runs in the family! I see faces in driftwood and roots and like to release them!

Payment Policy

I accept PAYPAL. Payment must be received before shipment and include purchase price, shipping charges,etc. I have to charge sales tax to California residents, sorry but it's the law!

Shipping Policy

I will ship within 3 days, providing it's paid for. I hope you will reuse the boxes and packing materials I use to ship your order with. I reuse packing materials, boxes, as much as possible. I do have to buy most of my packing supplies though. Part of my shipping costs are for packing materials, not just the postage price! I have recently purchased small boxes to mail my items. Sometimes If I can't find the right sized box, I make it and that takes time! I package everything very carefully so it won't break during shipping. The drive to my local post office is about a 10 mile round trip drive into town. So that is figured into my shipping costs.

Refund & Exchange Policy

If an item breaks for no apparent reason within 15 days from receiving it, I will refund your money. Please return it, buyer pays shipping, after I have received it, then the refund will be made, including the shipping cost. If it breaks from getting stepped on, rough handling,dropped, etc., I can't refund. Please look at each picture carefully! Please read each description on what you are purchasing. I try to be accurate on sizes as much as I can. So get a ruler out and make sure this is what you want size wise before buying. I won't refund if you decide it wasn't what you wanted because you didn't read my descriptions correctly. I put lots of time into what I create and also packing them for shipment, plus the drive to town to mail an item I have made costs my time and fuel. Thanks for understanding!

Other Policies

If you have any questions, send me a convo and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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