6mm Purple Heart Ring, Wooden Purple Ring, Bentwood Ring, Purple Heart Wood, Male Rings Purple, Purple Wedding Ring, Purple Ring for Women
Every ring is unique! This one is a 6mm Purple Heart Ring, Wooden Purple Ring, Bentwood Ring, Purple Heart Wood, Male Rings Purple, Purple Wedding Ring, Purple Ring for Women. Our wooden rings are made using the bentwood technique. Which is when the wood is shaved into a thin strip, steamed and wrapped around itself before being glued into place. The ring is then carefully shaped by hand and a channel is carved into the ring where the inlay is set. Layers of opal, mica powder and glow powder are bonded to the ring inside of the channel. Then they are sanded and smoothed to a glass like touch. We coat our wood rings with multiple layers of Cyanoacrylate and complete with polish and wax. --Custom Orders— Looking for something truly custom and can't find it here, please contact us in Etsy. We will be able to then assist you on making your custom order from a variety of wood & metal types, inlay materials, glow powders & colors. For instance, if copper is not your thing; for a small price adjustment I could use brass, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, Damascus, carbon fiber, ceramic, or rose gold "plated" tungsten and titanium instead. Send me a message and I'll do everything I can to help design your perfect ring! Custom orders containing extremely exotic woods or rare expensive materials may be subject to a non-refundable deposit. Ring Size: US5 to US15 Width: 4mm to 8mm Thickness: 2-3mm --Engraving— Unfortunately, I do not possess the specialized equipment required to engrave rings. You should be able to get your rings engraved at your local jewelry store if needed. --Turnaround Time— Your ring is unique: it is handmade, not factory made. It takes several hours to several weeks to create your ring. The availability of materials, ordering out of stock or exotic elements and shipping time to receive these items may add extra days to a week onto the timeframe of completing your ring. The production time may also vary throughout the year, such as around Valentine’s Day or Christmas. I will put every effort into making each order as quickly as possible while making a quality custom product. -- Shipping – After your ring has been completed standard shipping is with USPS First Class Mail . Shipping within the United States typically takes 2-6 days to reach you. Packages shipped Internationally can take from 1-3 weeks, and sometimes longer depending on travel times through customs. --Disclaimer— Every ring is distinctive, in a wooden ring it is possible that the grain and appearance of the wooden ring differ from the image shown. This gives each ring a unique and natural character. In making two rings of the same kind, even though all materials used are the same, no two rings will be alike. The wood and inlay materials in our rings are natural products and are also subject to variations in appearance, color and texture. Your ring also contains Glow Powder. Glow powder is an additive that is charged by UV light (ultra-violet light), most often from a UV flashlight or the sun. The intensity and duration of the glowing effect depends on a few different factors including the amount of glow powder added in comparison to the amount of other inlay materials used, amount and quality of the UV light charging it and the quality of the glow powder itself. Overall, the longevity and intensity of the glow could last from a few minutes to as long as a few hours. We do not have any estimates or expectations on this effect. --Returns and Exchanges— Please make sure to know your ring size when placing an order. Each ring is custom made and cannot be resized or returned, so please be sure of the correct sizing. Exchanges may be possible for non-fitting rings; the purchase price of the non-fitting ring will be applied to a new ring with different sizing. However, the price of shipping will be your responsibility.