Wizard of Oz Logo Bronze Charm Bracelet - Dorothy, Wicked Witch, Toto, Tinman
BEAUTIFUL HIGH QUALITY CHARM BRACELET *** I am the ORIGINAL Wizard of Oz Charm Bracelet maker *** Item: NEW Wizard of Oz Logo Bronze Charm Bracelet Size: Bracelet is approx. 7 1/2 inches long with a Toggle clasp Materials: Bronze, Enamel Charms: Each Charm is approx. 1 inch in size Winged Monkey The Famous Tree Haunted Forest Owl Lion's Crown Hot Air Balloon Scarecrow's Diploma Mayor Munchkin Wicked Witch's Castle Dorothy's Basket Cowardly Lion Wicked Witch's Bicycle Haunted House Toto Scarecrow Munchkin Hut Tinman's Heart Wicked Witch's Hat Wicked Witch O Z Horse of another Color Horse and Carriage Lollipop Ruby Slipper Shoe Tinman's Axe Ballerina Girl ***** GIFT BOXED *****