Blue Stripe Market/Shopping Tote
Save the Earth! Save the Ocean! Save yourself from the pain and the hassle of cheap plastic shopping bags! Reusable shopping bags cut back on waste, on store costs (which saves shoppers money) and protect our little blue planet and all its creatures from the harmful effects of plastic in our environment. How could you say no to helping all those baby sea turtles, huh? Do the planet a favor, and get this smart, durable tote. We've tested it and will easily carry 16 cans! That's double what a regular plastic shopping bag will hold. (You know, before it tears and your cans all fall out in the parking lot, and get all dented and weird. Oh, yeah. We've been there.) Not only that, but this is perfect for all you bookworms out there. Load up on library books, and never drop a paperback in a puddle again, or go for that long awaited shopping spree at the bookstore and keep your pretty hardback novels safe and sound.