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I have enjoyed creating things of beauty out of almost anything even if it wasn't meant to go together, those are the things I like to tinker with to create something new. I see beauty in most everything I look at, especially in nature. I have my hands in a lot of cookie jars, from photography to graphic design, from jewelry to ceramics, and from painting to 3D modeling, and glass art All though it does not effect my attention to detail, nor my constant strive for perfection, beauty, and creativity in everything that I make. I hold myself and my work to a very high standard, and if I'm not happy with how my work looks, I will not allow others to view it let alone pay money for it. I guess that's the true artist in me, I refuse to sell out my principles just to make a buck. I enjoy anything that allows me to express my inquisitive yet free spirited nature. I have always been very artistic in nature and am not happy unless I am being creative in some fashion. I decided to open WimsicalGlassography because I have always been fascinated by any form of glass art, creative arts, and anything artistically created. I have always felt that I had a Wimsical attitude when it came to being creative, and I wanted a shop name that not only fit my personality, but also could describe every creative endeavor that I choose to take on.