how to take your measurements
Measuring yourself: Whenever checking measurements it's best to wear the bra or undergarments you would wear with the garment you are buying. BUST: * relax arms at sides * wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust Waist: * Find your natural waist * This is the smallest part of the waist * Usually about 1 inch above or just at your belly button * Keep tape slightly loose to allow for a little breathing room. Hips * find the widest part of the hips * usually about 7 inches below the natural waist Length from natural waist: *this is an extremely hard measurement to take yourself due to having to bend over and try to measure so i suggest you get a friend to assist you, or just keep in mind that if you take it yourself it may be slightly off. * Measure from your natural waist line (that we previously measured) down to the desired dress length. * I can calculate this measurement myself if you can give me your height and where you like the hem to fall, mid knee, 2 inches above knee, exc.... BUST SIZING Most of my dresses are drafted for a b-c cup size. If your larger or smaller its not a problem! Im a F cup myself so i understand how hard it is to find clothing to fit different bust sizes and would love to help you get a good fit so send me a message and I will assist you with the other measurements I will need. I can easily adjust other measurements on fit for length, larger arms, exc... So feel free to send me a message and we can chat!! Sizing: Instead of using standard size charts I have chosen to make everything to measurements . I don't really believe in labeling sizes as plus or petite because when a item is made to your measurements it doesn't matter what your size is!