Earth Day 2016 Imbe
These are MY toes. Stubby little dough blobs of fish flesh-rivuleted with red where the cold mud has turned the skin translucent. MY toes. Not HER toes. Mine. But these are Her fingers. And this Her hair, grabbing at my naked feet, sloozing toward the Light from the Dark of Wherever We Are, curling around the hard nut and shiv of my ankle, holding me fast in the green smell of petrified ocean. Twining breathy strands of root through the spaces not filled with bubbled muck. She is only all of me. — Shey Wren, Wyrd-Novica of The Veil _______ Whether you know Her as Gaia, Terra, Tellus — the earth is a beautiful thing. Roots and vines like hair, flesh of soil or sand, tree branches arms reaching for the sky and divinity. In recognition of Earth Day 2016, Wendibyrd has created a limited edition Imbe of the mother to us all.