crochet stitch markers set of six F G H I J K rainbow butterfly stitch markers stitch holder hook size for works in progress
Rainbow butterfly crochet stitch markers easily clip on and off your crochet projects. Have you ever put a work in progress aside to go back to it and forget what hook size you were using? I have and I know it's frustrating! Here is your solution.. easily clip on the stitch marker to your working loop and when you come back to it you will know what size hook to grab. This beautiful set of rainbow butterflies makes a lovely gift for the crochet enthusiasts! Set of six rainbow butterfly stitch markers include hook sizes F red, G pink, H yellow, I green, J blue, K purple All hook sizes are available upon request please message me for details. Handcrafted with dyed howlite turquoise, each butterfly measures 1 1/2" x 1" with clip and letter bead each stitch marker hangs just under 2"