Ambrosia Maple Cheese Slicer
This cheese cutter is made from Ambrosia Maple. Ambrosia Maple is a soft maple which is host to a variety of greyish-blue to brown streaks that are caused by an infestation of the ambrosia beetle. The beetle burrows into the tree and leaves a fungus in its path, which is what causes the discoloration in the wood and creates a very unique pattern in each board. The small black holes are where the beetle has entered and bored through the wood. I have filled these holes with black epoxy so that no food can get into them. The cutter measures 6” by 9” by 3/4” and rubber feet are included. Multiple coats of hand rubbed oil based finish have been applied and over-coats of wipe-on varnish have been added for durability. The finish is completely food safe. If cleaning is required, hand wash with mild detergent, rinse and dry. This cheese cutter is shown with a chrome arm and handle. A black arm and handle is available as an option. You can see examples of this option on some of my other listings. If you prefer the black arm and handle, just leave me a note on the order.