Hand Turned Mediterranean Olivewood Bottle Stopper
A perfect gift for wine lovers. A bottle stopper makes a great house warming gift, along with a bottle of wine of course. While typically used as a wine bottle stopper, the tapered stopper will fit a range of bottle sizes. This is a new style stopper I am using that is more cork shaped and uses O-rings for the seal. The seal will be made with at least two O-rings, so you get a solid seal. The stopper is also very low profile so that little of the stopper is seen above the top of the bottle. It is also unique in that it will stand up on end. The stopper section is machined from 304 Stainless Steel and is made in the US. The wooden section is made from Mediterranean Olivewood. Mediterranean Olivewood trees are very twisted, yielding a wood with a unique veined grain. Traditionally, olivewood symbolizes peace, wisdom and victory and many religious, historical and artistic articles are made from this ancient wood. The wood is turned and sanded to 1200 grit. A cyanoacrylate finish is applied in multiple layers and then hand sanded to 12000 grit. A polish is applied and buffed to a high gloss finish.