Live Edge, Natural Edge Ambrosia Maple End Table
This beautiful end table was made from a cross sectional slice through a maple tree with ambrosia markings. It measures approximately 14 to 15" in diameter and the top is 1 3/4" thick. The natural split in the wood was filled with black epoxy. The base is steel and 13" in diameter. The total height of the table is 24". Ambrosia Maple is a maple which exhibits a variety of greyish-blue to brown streaks that are caused by an infestation of the ambrosia beetle. The beetle burrows into the tree and leaves a fungus in its path, which is what causes the discoloration in the wood and creates a very unique pattern in each piece. The small black holes are where the beetle has entered and bored through the wood. I have filled these holes with black epoxy as well. After flattening the piece and sanding to 400 grit, an oil based finish is applied to bring out the depth and figure of the wood. This is followed by 5 coats of polyurethane varnish to provide a durable top coat.