Hand Turned Bottle Stopper
A perfect gift for wine lovers. A bottle stopper makes a great house warming gift, along with a bottle of wine of course. While typically used as a wine bottle stopper, the tapered stopper will fit a range of bottle sizes. Each piece is hand turned from a carefully selected unique piece of wood. The stopper section is chrome finished with a black silicone stopper. The wooden section is turned and sanded to 1200 grit. A cyanoacrylate finish is applied in multiple layers and then hand sanded to 12000 grit. A polish is applied and buffed to a high gloss finish. This listing is for one Bottle Stopper. You can chose the wood as described below and the above photos going from left to right. 1. Spalted Holly 2. Mediterranean Olivewood 3. Bocote Here is some information about the wood species used. Mediterranean Olivewood trees are very twisted, yielding a wood with a unique veined grain. Traditionally, olivewood symbolizes peace, wisdom and victory and many religious, historical and artistic articles are made from this ancient wood. Spalted Holly is technically not a specific species of wood, but rather a general description of any type of wood that has been allowed to begin initial stages of decay, and then subsequently dried (preventing further decay). Spalting is a unique wood coloration caused by fungi. Although primarily found in dead trees, spalting can also occur in living trees under stress or even in thriving trees. Interestingly, this stopper is made from a piece of the first spalted holly that I have ever seen. Bocote is an exotic wood native to Mexico and Central America. Bocote is a particularly fine, beautiful hard wood that features colors varying from light to golden brown and variegated irregular markings. It is used for custom pool cues, veneer, furniture inlays, knife handles, pens, and musical instruments.