Pick 6 Herbal Lip Balms
Agreat way to try a few of our lip balm styles at a discounted price! Verdant Grace herbal lip balms use essential oils and not a lip balm flavoring. This will give you a refreshing scent and the usefuness of the herbals without the tendancy to lick your lips! You will receive six .15 oz tube lip balms of your choice. Each tube will arrive sealed. Flavor options: Plain- no flavors, no colors, just good old fashioned sunflower oil lip balm. Peppermint- made with peppermint essential oil. A nice balm that feels cool. Marigold- made with calendula infused sunflower oil. A great balm for those long summer days in the garden or at the beach. Hot Lips- an energizing blend of cinnamon essential oil with a touch of cayenne infused olive oil. This balm gives you a slight tingle, and should not be used on severly chapped lips or near cold sores. Green Tea- A green tea infused sunflower oil balm. Antioxidant goodness for your lips! Green Tea &Pineapple Lip Scrub- Our Green Tea lip balm is the base for this lip scrub. We add sugar, a gentle exfoliant, and Pineapple extract. All of our lip balms do not come from a lip balm base. Each flavor is independently formulated and batched in small batches. Some of our tube lip balms contain lip safe mica colorants. There is just enough added to make it pretty, but won't color or stain your lips. If you are looking for a color free option let me know, I'd be happy to whip up a batch for you. These balms are available independently check out our shop of convo me! Larger quantities also available for custom order.