Custom City Code Luggage Tags Inspired by Delta Color Pallette
Custom City Code Luggage Tags for Delta Flight Crews! Inspired by their current airplane and uniform color palette. This crew luggage can also be personalized. If you don't want to replace the word "crew" with your name instead, please let me know. Your flight crew bag should be as glamorous as you are. Luggage bling made from recycled hotel key cards What a chic way to dress up any piece of luggage! * What a chic way to dress up your luggage. * Make your luggage stand out in the crowd for easy identification. * Great conversation starter on your flight, and briefing room. Everyone will ask you "Where did you get that?" Very retro. * Handcrafted and created from recycled plastic. * Digital art using Photoshop by me. * Also perfect for gifts or thank you tags * Up-cycled to bring you an earth-friendly way to hold your luggage. * Tag size is 2" x 3.25" * One of a kind and you'll never find this design anywhere else. This is an original design made by me using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. * Plastic luggage tag comes complete with an adjustable colored strap, name id card, and a clear plastic sleeve. * Can be personalized, and your name will be on the back of the tag. Otherwise, it will be the same image as the front, and will simply say crew. Also great for computer bags, backpacks, sports gear, lunch bags, messenger name it.