Glass Rose Long Stemmed Flower Forever Untamed Rose Hand blown Gold Pink Extra Large SRA
Large Glass Rose, made of clear glass fumed with gold to create a lovely pink color with gold shimmers. Would make for a wonderful gift for your loved one. The stem is a medium transparent green and clear then twisted and shaped. Can be set on a desk or into a small vase. Stem is just over 6 inches long and the blossom is about three inches across. You wont see these anywhere else. My Untamed Roses are very different from what other artist are currently doing. I pull out each petal individually, then very carefully place each petal into place with needle nose pliers. Lot of love and time go into these. Each is a little different, I'm sure you will adore yours. All of my glass pieces are hand made from borosilicate, which is very durable. They have also been properly annealed in a professional kiln. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for looking at my work. Breanna If you like my work, please Like my Facebook page. Great way to stay in touch, get sneak peeks of new items, exclusive sales and contests!