Wire Wrapped Sterling Silver Necklace and Earrings Set with Blue Goldstone
Beautiful sterling silver highlights the deep, glittering midnight blue of these blue goldstone beads. This is handmade and sold as a set. The chain is an 18 inch foxtail, also .925 sterling silver. Foxtail is similar to a rope but it has a much finer surface and is very delicate and elegant looking, however, it can kink so please be careful about stacking other jewelry on top of it. I find it best to hang up necklaces. A pair of clear plastic earring backings are also included. Measurements: Earrings: Ear wire is 1 1/4 inches long, total length is 2 1/4 inches Pendant: 1 1/2 inches Care Instructions: Please be sure to clean your silver jewelry at the first sign of tarnishing. I use Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner for Sterling Silver from Walmart. It's only $5, works great and lasts forever. It is not recommended to wear jewelry while showering or swimming. Water can damage the metal over time. Please keep your wire jewelry either hanging or in the gift bag during storage to avoid any tangling with other jewelry. I will include 2 free gift bags with this purchase, one for the earrings and one for the necklace so they do not tangle. Shipping in the USA is free. If you have questions please ask, and thanks for stopping by my shop! :)