Wire Wrapped Unisex Dragon Vein Agate with Brass Dragon Pendant
This deep green dragon vein agate stone has beautiful black markings, making it look like a dragon's scales. It is wrapped in antique brass Parawire by Vintaj. Vintaj wire is factory coated to preserve its color and made in the USA. The brass stamping is a beautifully detailed medieval dragon. All metal, including the brass dragon, has been coated with Vintaj metal sealant to preserve color and make it scratch resistant. The last picture shows 2 chain options. The lighter colored chain (first one) is a wheat chain, which resembles a rope chain. It has an antique gold color and measures 16 inches but can expand to 18 inches. The second chain (darker colored) is a rolo chain that is currently 30 inches long. I can adjust this chain to any size you want before shipping. The total size of this pendant is 3 1/4 x 1 1/2. Each pendant is a OOAK, never duplicated. It is not recommended to wear jewelry while showering or swimming. Water can damage the metal over time. Please keep your wire jewelry either hanging or in the gift bag during storage to avoid any tangling with other jewelry. Each purchase includes a free gift bag. Thank you for stopping by my shop! :)