Victorian "Wizard of Oz" inspired necklace
Welcome! Each of my jewelry pieces are individually named and not duplicated making them one of a kind. I desire my jewelry to tell a story and become a part of your story as you wear it. This necklace was inspired by the Wizard of Oz with a victorian/steampunk twist. To remind Dorothy of her traveling companions we have three separate charms to represent them. The scarecrow has his certificate encased in a see-through tube, delicately tied with a green ribbon. Green leaves surround the tube, a homage to his stuffing. The Tin Man's heart is encased in a watch with his axe hanging by its side. Last of all we have the lion who found courage, guards the key to Emerald City. Green beads of varying colors decorate the strands and red beads are reminiscent of Dorothy's red shoes. Comes with cloth jewelry bag.