You're supporting artists and communities when you buy knobs and pulls from Toolee Baloo... Some fun facts about handcrafted art knobs and pulls: ~ You'll receive higher quality art hardware and attention to detail that you won't see in mass produced items. ~ You're supporting our planet when you buy handcrafted art hardware - Work that is created by hand takes less energy than a mass production assembly line. ~ Your handcrafted knobs and pulls offer a certain air of authenticity as each knob is its own artisan object. ~ Your purchase of our handcrafted art knobs help communites because (we) artists like to send a high percentage of our revenue right back into our local communities by helping out our fellow artisans. ~ Our handcrafted art knobs and pulls will meet your needs better. Our desire to present you with a product that is everything you imagined it to be, includes your own input and customization options. ~ Your handcrafted art knobs and pulls give you the absolute fullest possible sensory experience. ~ The artisan factor means there are fewer out there so that your home is as unique as your are. ~ Your purchase of our handcrafted art knobs means you are making it possible for artists to make a financially feasible career choice in the creative world... especially important as technology replaces skilled workers with machines. ~ In short, each hand sculpted piece of our furniture / cabinet jewelry is a unique and individualized artwork.

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