Interactive Tug Toy For Medium to Large Dogs, Fetch Dog Toy, Fleece Pull Toy For Your Dog, Red Hat Society Colors Tug Toy For Your Dog, Hand Crafted Tug Toy
If you're a member of the Red Hat Society and proudly wear the purple and red, why not get something for your medium to large furry companion in those colors? Hand crafted in purple and red fleece, this pull toy is soft and gentle on both your hands and your dog's mouth. It is tightly woven using the box weave knot and the ends are securely knotted. I even stitched the ends for extra strength! This tug toy is a total of 27 inches long and measures approximately 20 inches from knot to knot. This pull toy is meant to be used for interactive play only. It is NOT a chew toy and should not be used as such. If your dog has a tendency to chew up his/her soft toys, like my dog Finn, do not allow him/her to play with this toy on his/her own. You can use this toy to play tug-o-war or fetch but I recommend that you take it away after you are done. That way this toy will be a treat for your dog. The last photo is of my dog, Finn, playing with his own fleece tug toy.