Occam's Razor MINI Fidget Spinner - Hyrbid Ceramic Series
Occam's Razor EDC Spinner Mini Series is 3D printed to exacting specifications and ergonomically designed for both form and function. This spinner is leagues above the rest in style and quality. Each bearing is treated with our signature non toxic cleaning solution to remove debris and improve spin up to 5 X more than non treated bearings. Coming with both steel and ceramic bearing options this personalizable spinner is great as a gifts or just for yourself. Use Occam's Razor EDC Spinner in class or in a meeting either way its low visual distraction qualities will make it so your fidgeting doesn't bother peers and coworkers in your environment. Occam's Razor MINI is 2.4 Inches in length and 1.75 inches in width designed for those with smaller hands or just those who want more grip on their spinners. Spin duration averages about 75 seconds. Has great heft and fits snugly into any hand.