Brand New Design - Orbyts Multi Fidget Spinner Premium Ceramic Series
Orbyts is a new and improved take on a classic spinner design; bringing together many different styles of fidget gadgets into one beautifully designed spinner. All together the capabilities of this fidget outstrip the rest by far. The Premium Ceramic Series comes with a Hybrid Ceramic center bearing that has been treated with a cleaning solution to remove debris and improve spin up to 5X more than untreated bearings. Included in The Orbyts model is a fitted sliding bearing this creates not only a pleasant auditory response, but also enables the user to shake for even further effect. A large steel ball is ergonomically placed near the thumb and finger and creates a pleasant scrolling function that can be utilized even while in your pocket. Assembled on site each bearing is fitted perfectly into place by hand. All bearings are meticulously treated to clean out debris and improves spin time up to 5X longer than untreated bearings. All in all this revolution in Fidget Design will most certainly entertain those restless hands and assist in bringing a new sense of ease to any situation.