Thinky Thought Co.

Fidget Spinner's by Design

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Osseo, MN
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Reid KenKnight
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Concentration is king My whole life I have struggled with the ability to focus, switching from one topic to the next in the search for something to keep my attention. Over the years I have tried many different things, and through those experiences I develop these tool of focus. Each one of my products is tested to provide the exact amount of interaction to alleviate stress. Whether you need a high distraction model to alleviate anxiety, or a low distraction set it and forget it model. I personally customize the experience to fit every need. These Thinky Thoughts have helped people in lectures, at work, and through countless more areas of life. Now if I find myself anxious and wanting to switch to something else I just pull out one of my Thinky Thoughts and give it a whirl.