All of Themis and Thread's products are made in The United States of America, exclusively from American Made components (i.e. American made thread, buttons, etcetera.) Each garment is lovingly crafted in New York, using carefully selected American produced fabrics. Most of the fabric comes from North Carolina, providing a minimal carbon footprint, (in many other cases fabrics are shipped up to four times around the world before ending up as products on American shopping center racks.) This fabric is made from organically grown cotton produced by American farmers. Every aspect of producing these garments is done ethically and environmentally considerate. It's a simple decision which benefits us all, and actively puts you in the middle of this righteous cycle. Certificates Certified Carbon Neutral Fashion BLUEdot Register Our work with BLUEdot Register has been able to eliminate our entire carbon footprint! Clean Energy Business Arcadia Power 100% of our daily operations are powered by clean energy! Find out how you can get powered by the wind easily and very inexpensively- If you sign your household up a $25 donation will be made to a cause close to our hearts - Gas Free Seneca, protecting the clean waters of Seneca Lake, where our sewing studio operates. Certified Green Business Green America Awarded the leading authentic trustmark for our evaluated true green business practices. Awards Favorite Brand/Most Exciting Brand Washington D.C. Green Festival 2015 Third Place

Payment Policy

Secure payment through PayPal available in the Aftcra marketplace. We can also insure secure payment via credit card over the phone by calling 607-546-8040 or mailing a paper check to 3624 CR2 Hector, NY 14841 We want Themis and Thread fashions to be accessible to those who want to help us share the message of victimless fashion. We offer opportunities for trade, sliding scale, scholarship, and internship as payment for goods. Send an email about your situation if you want some of our ethically made threads but can't find the cash.

Shipping Policy

Always enjoy FREE shipping! Because our products are customizable, and in an effort to limit unnecessary energy expenditure, our garments are made to order. Please allow for their creation time before they can be shipped. We want you in our clothes as fast as possible, and if you have a deadline just let us know! Otherwise we will have your order out to you as quickly as it's made.

Refund & Exchange Policy

We know size, color, style exchanges are necessary and happily facilitate them! Up to your first wear and wash, if you're not still experiencing Buyers Rejoice we offer your Money Back - Guaranteed! Simply return the piece and we'll return your money. We would however much prefer to replace the item, perhaps adjusting some component.

Other Policies

The T&T Guarantee is DYNAMITE! In an effort to comply with our high standards we offer a Lifetime Guarantee. For the entirety of your garment's life we would be happy to offer reconstruction, mending, embellishing, or any other such alteration free of charge.

Contact Information 607-546-8040

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