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What a perfect way to add some "plants" into your kitchen with this set of 4 cactus magnets. These cacti do not need water or sunlight so they are perfect for the person who wants some green in their kitchen without the worry of it dying. Item Details: The cacti magnets range in size from 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches tall. The micro cacti are all crocheted by hand. They are glued into real clay pots. The pots are painted by hand using acrylic paint. ***PLEASE NOTE: One cactus magnet can hold up thin pieces of paper and wallet size photos. If you use two magnets on one item they can hold up a 4 by 6 photo.*** These are delicate and can break if dropped. Please be careful when using it to hold items and note the restrictions listed above to minimize risk of the magnets breaking. If you would like certain cacti or different colors in your order please feel free to message me. Enjoy! I hope your refrigerator looks extra happy with these little guys on it! Jessica