Manila bottle holder
What's a sailor to do while bored at sea with spare supplies on hand? Why, create a beverage holder of course! This drink holders are made with 100% 1/2 inch*Manila rope, used aboard square-rigged vessels back in the day and even aboard select tall-ships today. (*Manila hemp is a type of fiber obtained from the leaves of the abacá plant. It is not *actually* hemp, but named after it because hemp was long a major source of fiber, and other fibers were sometimes named after it. **Manila rope is very durable, flexible, and resistant to salt water damage, allowing its use in rope, hawsers, ships' lines, and fishing nets.) These were fastened together all by hand using twine and authentic marlinespike techniques. ***WE ARE HAPPY TO CUSTOMIZE THE CHARMS! We offer many more including: Fish, skulls, stone charms and more. Please inquire and specify upon ordering.