Bunny Ear Owl Teething Ring, Wooden Teether, Teething Toy
No more hard plastic or yucky silicone teethers for your precious little one! This super cute bunny ear teether is made with a 2 inch smooth natural maple hardwood ring treated with coconut oil to help seal it. Kid tested, mother approved!! The ears are made of 100% cotton owl print fabric and the backing is a soft fleece. There is a layer of batting in between to help absorb baby drool. Fabric ears are knotted around the ring, which makes it easy to remove for washing. Wash in cold water and let air dry. Wooden ring can be wiped clean, and I would not recommend submerging it in water. These can be put in the freezer to help sooth sore gums. Supervision is recommended and we suggest you discard toy at any sign of wear and tear. **Cute baby not included. Picture for reference only, the teether you are buying will be made at the time of order, so pattern may be different than what is pictured due to different parts of the fabric being used.